How to check if a page is indexed by Google & how to index a page with Google Search Console

How to check if a page has been indexed

  1. Copy the page url you wish to inspect.

2. Open up Google Search Console (GSC) and access the domain.

3. Paste the url in the search bar “inspect any url”, press enter, and wait for GSC to scan:

4. Evaluate the results:

5. In order for you to successfully “request indexing” the page should be allowed to index in the back end of the website. We do this through Yoast: 

a) Select the post, page or product page in the back and select “edit” (not quick edit or edit with…) (Important: A page needs to be published to index, it can’t be a draft)

(The following steps are also applicable when submitting a post to be indexed)

b) Once you’re editing scroll down to the Yoast section “Advanced”

c) Here you select the “Yes” for Search Engines to show this post/page/product in search results and follow links. Important: save your changes!

6. Once done head back to GSC and click on “request indexing”.

7. It will scan for a minute, and give you this result:

8. Click “got it” and Schedule a task to come back in 2 days to confirm that the page was crawled, and you’re done!

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