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Aah, nice to see our promotional wine has worked. We hope you enjoy it, but not too much 😊 Please view our services below, and touch base if you feel we can help your business grow. We look forward to hearing from you.

Skylight Digital is a certified Google Partner, and seo agency in south africa with 38 years of collective digital marketing knowledge & experience.

As a digital marketing agency in Cape Town, we have successfully built campaigns for clients in South Africa, the UK, America, Dubai & Indonesia. The exchange rate works wonders for our international clients. We service the core need of your business – more leads.

We increase your visibility online to a relevant & targeted audience, to deliver a steady stream of qualified leads, for your online store and/or sales team. We use digital to contribute to your existing lead generation model. We’ve got a few other digital tricks too. That’s a chat for another time though.

skylight digital - digital marketing agency in cape town


Skylight Digital Marketing Solutions

Your short term solution. Done right, a Google Ads campaign can get you to the top of page one, and you only pay per click. The right search phrases, the right audience, and they’ll find you. In our experience, Google Ads can bring the most immediate results when it comes to lead generation. The goal is always to manage you cost per acquisition.

Your long term solution. The quality of your site, the relevance in its industry, and the number of quality sites with links to your content will determine whether or not Google want to recommend your site. This is done through SEO. Although results take time, SEO is sustainable once you start showing for the right keywords and phrases.

We all know about the value of Social Media Marketing. Using social media, you create an online persona for your business or brand. You also get to manage instant communication with your client base. Advertising can reach a larger audience of people interested in your service and/or product.

People can really over complicate web development sometimes. Yes, if you’re a big Medical Aid – you need a proper system with custom development. But if you’re a small to medium sized business, a beautiful design using a leading CMS like Shopify, WordPress, or Wix would suffice. We’ve got beautiful & affordable solutions for you.

digital marketing strategy


It really is so important to have a clear digital marketing strategy in place. Going cowboy can yield results, but understanding how all your channels work together, can help you figure out where to spend the most of your time and money. Remember that digital is guided by data, not sentiment. We’ll help you craft a strategy that counts.

Get your systems talking to each other, using API’s. Basically, that means you can flow data between systems automatically. Every action, can trigger some kind of data flow. If you’re interested in automating menial tasks in your business, you should visit our subsidiary site, Integration Lab – where we talk all about custom API integration.

Email campaigns are so handy when it comes to nurturing a lead… Automatically. Here’s an example: A person searches on Google, they find your advert, they click n the link and land on your site. Now, they’re not sure if they want to buy something now, or request more info. But they want something that you’ve offer to email them. They signup, and for the next 3 months you talk to them via email. Automated email series’ are great.

workflow automation


Workflow automation will become your best friend. Basically, it automates menial or repetitive tasks, which also eliminates error. Think of it like this… Every time you do “this”, an email should be sent to someone in your office, to do something else. And when they do x, another staff member get a notification to do y. 4 Tasks complete, with 2 automated. Workflow automation will improve capacity, and gain you more time back.

digital consulting


With years of knowledge with almost every tool you could possibly think of in the digital world, we’re perfectly suited to help craft a digital marketing strategy in conjunction with the who’s who in your company. It’s so important to have a clear digital marketing strategy in place. Understanding how all your channels work together, can help you figure out where to spend the most of your time and money. Remember that digital is guided by data, not sentiment.

Digital marketing,
with a focus on lead generation.

For an affordable investment, we combine predictive data with our Google marketing skills to ensure your company is found on the first page of Google Search Results.

Using Google Ads (pay per click), we strategically place your website & product offering in front of an active, relevant & location targeted audience, to send you qualified leads with which your sales team can engage.

The Google Display network is then used to follow those users who did not convert, and remind them of your value proposition. Our in-depth understanding of website data ensures that the quality of leads constantly improves.

The end result: A campaign that gives you a return on investment. The cool kids call it ROI. Then, take your digital capabilities to the next level with our range of add-ons that will ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

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